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Theme Shows

I have enjoyed performing in many different venues. While I appear regularly at restaurants and pubs, I particularly enjoy singing at private parties and functions.
It is a pleasure for me to see the looks on peoples faces when I play certain songs.
If you are a baby boomer like me, then a number of these songs would likely bring back some....lets just say interesting memories.

From seeing these reactions I have taken some of the songs and built a sort of theme around them.

An Evening of James Taylor Music
No surprise here. This includes both his originals as well as many of the different covers he does so well. For more details....

Songs You Know By Heart,
Well Maybe the Chorus

Are you looking for a musical evening that includes particapating and singing along? This may be just for you. Lots of tunes you will know by heart....well maybe the chorus. For more details....

About Theme Shows

Video By Dan Ilic

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