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House Concerts

How close to the performer do you like to be at a concert?  Do you like to feel like you are part of the event?  Do you love to hear live music but hate the hassle of heading downtown, the pain of parking and the noise within the club or bar?  House concerts may be what you are looking for.

House concerts have grown through the folk roots community and are taking place on most any weekend and many weeknights throughout the US and Canada.  House concerts are just what they sound like, a professional concert given in someone’s home.  The acts normally consist of either a solo or duo and are usually strongly acoustic based.

In a house concert the host’s living room is transformed into an intimate concert setting for 25 to 40 people to enjoy a truly unique musical experience.  A donation of, approximately $20 each, is paid by the guest to compensate the performer.  It is a great way to enjoy and share some good times and great music with friends and neighbours.

Many of the themes I have used for my Musical Desserts concerts I have also offered for private functions and house concerts.  In house concerts these themes can provide a very relaxed evening of enjoying the music through just listening or everyone can be involved in singing with me and sometime helping out with simple percussion.

These evenings can be alot of fun and a great musical evening.

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