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It's About Time,

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It's About Time

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Yes, it's about time I record a CD and here it is….finally….took me long enough!

It is kind of funny for me to say my “Debut CD” as I have been singing and playing guitar for the last 40 plus years……. “It Is About Time”.

The CD features 11 tracks, most of which you likely know and hopefully love.

George Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun”, Lennon & McCartney’s  “In My Life”,
Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle”,  John Prine’s “Souvenirs”,
James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” & “You Can Close Your Eyes”,
“On The Sunny Side of the Street”, featuring my daughters Moira, Melissa and Michelle singing harmonies,
Jimmy Buffett’s “Pencil Thin Mustache”….with a little different feel...My friend and co producer, John Mossop, and I assembled the “Lemme & Mossop Junk Band” for this track.

Plus, there are a few new songs you may not know, "So Are You To Me" by Peter Bradley Adams, an original of mine "Waltzin" and a rock song I co wrote with David Price called "Predictions".  Yes, you read correctly…me, the old folkie, has recorded a rock song with the help of some very talented musicians, Jack Patriarche, David Pilkey, John Dawson, Mike Walsom and of course David Price on drums. 

Makes a great holiday gift for any Baby Boomer

The CD is a collection of songs I think most baby boomers will truly enjoy.  While I have put my own style into each of the songs, for the most part I have tried to be true to the original. Some tracks feature just me and my guitar, as I mostly perform as a solo, and other tracks feature additional instruments backing me.

You can order online, at the side of the page, or by emailing me at  The CD is priced at $20, plus shipping and taxes.
I will look after the HST and shipping costs for most orders in Ontario.

Hope you like it,
Thanks very much,


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