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Private Parities, Events and Functions

Are you planning a party or function and looking for just the right entertainment?

I have had the pleasure of performing at a number of private functions. The songs I sing seem to be the perfect compliment for;

  • private dinner parties
  • anniversary, birthday retirement, engagement celebrations
  • cocktail parties
  • corporate functions
  • and pre wedding receptions

Looking to add a special touch in hosting
an evening for friends and family,

Allow me to suggest a private concert in your home.  These evenings usually are part of a dinner party. After dinner is served, the host and hostess invite their guests to retire to the family room for dessert, coffee and to enjoy some live acoustic music.

I try to balance these evenings with a mix of songs to listen to as well as participate in and encourage people to sing along. These are truly enjoyable and memorable evenings.  Comments have been very complementary from both the hosts and their guests.  I can’t help but feel that part of this enjoyment comes from the very relaxed feel of the music and the intimate home setting.

Here are a few comments on these evenings.


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